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Title of the Thesis
7th Jan 15:05-15:50
Session Chair: Prof. Madhu Mutyam, IIT Madras
Thesis #1 Machine Learned Machines:
Reinforcement Learning Exploration for Architecture Co-optimization
Rahul Jain
Thesis #2 Energy-Efficient and Secure Network-on- Chip Architectures for DSP Applications N. Prasad, Indrajit Chakrabarti, and Santanu
8th Jan 15:25-16:10
Session Chair: Hitesh Garg, NXP Semiconductor
Thesis #3 Assertion Based Analysis of Mixed-Signal
Antara Ain
Thesis #4 Quantum transport modeling for performance estimation of 2D material
based transistors
Madhuchchanda Brahma
Title of the Poster
9th Jan 10:30-11:50
Session Chair: Prof. Amit Patra, IIT Kharagpur
Poster #1 Adaptive Bus-Encoding (ABE) for Transition Reduction on Off-chip and On- chip Buses Sumantra Sarkar, Anindya Sundar Dhar, and Rahul Rao
Poster #2 Energy efficient computing and its
Patanjali SLPSK
Poster #3 Online Monitoring based Design-for-Trust Technique to Build a Trusted Hardware
Sree Ranjani Rajendran and
Nirmala Devi M
Poster #4 Influence of Body-Bias and Gate-Source Overlap Length on the Analog Performance of Epitaxial Layer Enabled
Area Scaled Tunneling FETs
Abhishek Acharya and Anand Bulusu
Poster #5 Multi-rate Strategies for Power and Bandwidth Optimization in Embedded Control Rajorshee Raha, Pallab Dasgupta, and Partha Pratim
9th Jan 15:25-16:10
Session Chair: Prof. Amit Patra, IIT Kharagpur
Poster #6 Error-Tolerant Sample Preparation with Digital Microfluidic Lab-on-Chip Sudip Poddar, Hafizur Rahaman and Bhargab B.
Poster #7 Demonstration of Novel Structures for
Improvement in Performance of Tunnel FETs
Navjeet Bagga and Sudeb Dasgupta
Poster #8 A 125 klx In-Pixel Background Light Subtraction and 144 fps Frame-Rate CMOS Image Sensor for Time-of-Flight 3D
Chandani Anand and Mukul Sarkar
Poster #9 Case Study in FPGA Based Hardware-in- the-loop Simulation of Power Electronic
Mini Namboothiripad, Yash Didhe, Mandar Datar, Vinay B.Y. Kumar, Mukul Chandorkar, and
Sachin Patkar
9th Jan 19 Afternoon
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JECC, Jaipur

About VLSID Conference

VLSI Design Conference started as a simple idea in 1985: to sense the level of VLSI activities in India with a focus on engineering education & research. Over the years, the conference has grown equilaterally with a VLSI community that includes the likes of Multinational Industries, Academic contributors and Government bodies around the globe. With its global footprints VLSID is recognized as a 'Sister Conference' of Design Automation Conference. This conference is sponsored by VLSI Society of India (VSI).