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User Design Track Committee

User Design Track Chairs

Prosit Mukherjee, Qualcomm
Rajamohan Varambally, ST Microelectronics
Shivraj Thakare, Intel


Rakesh Shenoy, Synopsys, India
Sandeep Mittal, Mentor, India
Francois LEMERY, STMicroelectronics, France
Avanish Singh, Synopsys, US
Phanendra Varma Gunturi, Qualcomm, US
Anuj Gupta, Global Foundries, US
Rahul Shrestha, IIT, Mandi
Smriti Gupta, Synopsys, US
Hitesh Shrimali, IIT, Mandi
Rajesh Gupta, Cadence, India
HS Jattana, SCL, India
Nitin Bansal, Invecas, India
Atul Bhargava, STMicroelectronics, India
PRAVEEN SINGH, Synopsys, India
Rahul Gupta, Qualcomm, India
Santanu Bhattacharyya, Solarflare, India
Pushkal Yadav, Solarflare, India

Gaurav Goel, Intel, India
Rajesh Srivastava, SCL, India
Sanjib Basu, Intel, India
Prasad Sawarkar, Cadence, India
Santhosh C K, Intel, India
Jayaprakash Prahladachar, Intel, India
Manuj Ayodhyawasi, STMicroelectronics, India
Satinder Malhi, STMicroelectronics, India
Tapas Nandy, Intel, India
Deepti Miyan, STMicroelectronics, US
Madhuban Kishor, Intel, India
Aruna Kumar Lakya Srinivasamurthy, Intel, India
Mohit Verma, Intel, India
Namita Sharma, Intel, India
Rajesh Kedia, IIT, Delhi
Sandeep Chandran, IIT, Palakkad
Raunaque Quaiser, STMicroelectronics, India

JECC, Jaipur

About VLSID Conference

VLSI Design Conference started as a simple idea in 1985: to sense the level of VLSI activities in India with a focus on engineering education & research. Over the years, the conference has grown equilaterally with a VLSI community that includes the likes of Multinational Industries, Academic contributors and Government bodies around the globe. With its global footprints VLSID is recognized as a 'Sister Conference' of Design Automation Conference. This conference is sponsored by VLSI Society of India (VSI).