Important Dates

✓ Last date for submitting application: Closed 📅
✓ Notification for award of fellowship: Closed 📅

✓ Last date for submitting application:
Closed 📅
✓ Notification for award of fellowship:
Closed 📅

The notification will be sent out on the provided email address as well as posted on the conference website.

Fellowship process

VLSID 2023 Conference invites students and faculty members working in the relevant fields of VLSID and ES for applying for the fellowship programme. Over the decades, VLSID has been offering generous fellowships to students and faculty of various Indian academic institutions. This trend would continue for VLSID 2023 as well. The fellowship provides complimentary registration to attend the conference.

Application process

  • We will be using an entirely online application process with each applicant filling up the online form and providing relevant details online.
  • Though some of the questions are optional, applicants are requested to respond to as many questions as relevant.
  • Since we will be using the provided email address for communication, please ensure that details are correctly filled.
  • The details of recommending authority (Research supervisor/Guide/HoD) is mandatory for the student category. Post submission of your fellowship application form, a verification mail/link will be sent to the recommending authority to complete the verification.
  • Please submit only one form per applicant. Multiple entries may lead to rejection of the application.

Important points

  • Fellows would be provided with complimentary registration for the entire 5-day conference. It is imperative that the fellows attend tutorials and presentations on all the five days. A record of attendance would be maintained for the same.
  • Participation certificate will not be provided with attendance less than 75%.
  • Please visit the conference website for detailed updates on time to time.
  • In case an applicant is both a faculty member of some institute and a student of another (e.g., a faculty member pursuing part-time higher studies), only one application should be submitted. More information can be provided in the relevant text box while filling up the form.

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