Industry Forum


VLSI Design Conference 2024 will be held from Jan 6th to Jan 10th, 2024, in Kolkata. The organizing committee will host an Industry Forum co-located with the conference. The purpose of this forum is to invite speakers to talk about the latest developments from their companies to a wider audience comprising industry leaders, technologists and enthusiasts. The session will enable a peer-to-peer platform to discuss, discover, define and dissipate knowledge on the industry roadmap. Industry Forum will also serve as a platform to academia for research and career opportunities.

A panel discussion involving experts is also planned during the forum, details of which will be announced later.


Nominated speakers from participating companies, start-ups and government organizations are eligible to participate.


Interested companies are required to submit a proposal containing Name/Brief Bio of Speaker along with topic/abstract of presentation by Friday, Nov 3, 2023. Proposal to be submitted by sending an email to:, and

It would be helpful to highlight the connection of the abstract to the conference theme and the overall endeavor of the VLSI Industry towards Responsible Research & Innovation. Start-up companies will be supported who can connect to “Make in India” theme of Government of India.

Presentation / Participation

Forum will have slots of 30 minutes for each presentation, spread overtwo days to minimize the conflict with technical tracks in the conference. The 30-minute length allows attendees to enjoy multiple presentations in a short time span and runs at a fast pace to keep this event more interesting. Only abstract will appear in conference proceedings. Since the forum is part of VLSID 2024 program, there is no additional registration required.